Council functions


The person elected mayor represents the entire population of the municipality. The mayor chairs at the council meetings and works with other board members. It also has the right of supervision of municipal services. The mayor directs the decisions and orders passed by the council to municipal employees by transferring the results of board meetings to the administration. The Mayor will ensure that the revenues of the municipality are collected and expended according to law. As part of his mandate, he is also involved in other boards such as the MRC. In an emergency that threatens the life or health of the population or the integrity of municipal facilities, the mayor may, on its own, authorize expenditures or make any financial decisions deemed necessary to remedy the situation.


In addition to attending meetings of the council, to represent the interests of the community, counselors inform the board on specific topics. They may be appointed to boards or committees or be entrusted with further records to support decisions of the board.

They are required to vote on each proposal at meetings of the Board unless a conflict of interest. A counselor can also serve as deputy mayor in the absence of the mayor.