The Government of Quebec recently announced that Estrie has moved to the maximum alert level (red zone). Cleveland is following the directives of the red level with regard to closures or limiting access to public buildings or services.

The Municipality of the Township of Cleveland would like to inform the population that the municipal offices are now closed to visitors. Citizens are invited to make an appointment by telephone with the administrative staff at 819-826-3546.

In the event of an emergency on roads, the municipality asks you to contact the public works department at 819-826-3546 extension 113.

For all development information or permits, we ask that you send your applications for information and/or permits to urbanisme@cleveland.ca 

A follow-up will be done upon reception of your request.

The Municipality of Cleveland is sorry for this situation, but these guidelines are intended to protect and respect the public at a time of health instability.

For any questions concerning COVID-19, please visit the Government of Quebec website at www.quebec.ca/coronavirus

Council members would like to thank the citizens for their vigilance and their usual cooperation. We remind you that it is important to think of your neighbours and family, especially the elderly. Take the time to find out if they have any needs.

Municipality of Cleveland

At the heart of a rural area, Cleveland is definitely one area of diversity, where you will want to live. Located in the center of the Montreal, Sherbrooke, Quebec triangle, the Canton de Cleveland does not fail to charm with its bicycle path, its beautiful valley, its mountainous landscapes, its extensive forest and colors. Its proximity to major centers, it’s reasonable cost of living, personalized services and its citizens make Cleveland a good place to settle. Over 1500 people live in Cleveland and share an area of ​​125.25 km².

In September of each year, people in the region can attend and participate in the agricultural exhibition in Richmond County, one of the oldest exhibitions in Quebec, which takes place in our municipality.

Name of inhabitants: Clevelandais, Clevelandaise
Area: more than 125.25 km²
Population: 1552


The Municipality of the Canton de Cleveland was built in 1855 near the city of Richmond in the Eastern Townships. The arrival of the railway in 1850 increased the number of immigrant population from the British Isles who came to clear the land along the St. Francis River. The Canton de Cleveland was named in honor of the Cleveland family. Mr. George Nelson Cleveland was the first mayor of the municipality.


The arms of the Municipality of the Canton de Cleveland were conducted in 2005 during the 150th of the Municipality. The full name of the municipality is shown in the listels (banners). To highlight the significant presence of the family in the Cleveland area, hence the name of Canton itself, armorial bearings include Helm (helmet) and Pelmets (cape) representative of the Cleveland family. The quartered shield (shield) consists of four screens, the first screen of blue lake and silver, representing the two bodies of water in the territory, the Denison Lake and Lake Spooner Pond. The second screen, green with a barn, represents agriculture. The third screen green with silver trees for the forest and finally, the fourth screen, blue with its representations of the old mine, tourism and the family. The illustration is enriched by two maple leaves and 2 blue lilies representing the country and the origins of the settlers and citizens.