In case of flood warning:

  • Store in height or mount objects in the basement or ground floor.
  • Block the sewer pipes in the basement
  • Turn off the gas and electricity.
  • Follow the developments on radio, television or Internet.

During the flood:

  • Leave your home if the water level is too high
  • Take your emergency kit and extra clothing
  • If you use a vehicle, drive carefully
  • Notify the municipal authorities of where to reach you.

After the water has receded:

  • Consult an electrician before reconnecting the power
  • Consult a specialist before restarting the heating
  • Contact the municipality to ensure that water is potable. If in doubt, boil 5 minutes
  • Discard all foods and drugs that have been in contact with water
  • Sterilize kitchen items in boiling water
  • Pay attention to the presence of mold (musty, earth or alcohol smell, green or black spots on the floor or walls)
  • Make an inventory of water damage to your property, photo or video. Keep all receipts and proof of purchase