Recycling and Garbage

Recycling guide

Curbside recycling DOs in the Val-Saint-François RCM

Paper, carton, plastic, glass and metal altogether in the new bin




  • Newspapers, flyers and magazines, paper (even with staples) and envelopes (even with windows)
  • Cereal, frozen food, laundry detergent, shoe and other boxes
  • Cardboard boxes (flattened and tied up), cardboard tubes and rolls, file folders, paper bags
  • Telephone books, books


bottles and jars of all shapes and colours (no need to remove labels)


Milk and juice cartons and all other rigid multi-layer packaging from liquids, including those marked

Metal / Aluminum

Tin cans, covers and lids, hangers, aluminum cans, clean aluminum pie plates and foil, metal household products (pots, pans, toasters, etc.)

Soft plastic

Grocery and other shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, bread and pastry bags (grease-free), clean food storage bags, plastic wrappers (from milk, paper towels, etc.)

Hard plastic

Bottles from any sort of liquid, including shampoo and laundry detergent, CD, yoghurt, margarine, shortening and other similar containers, covers and lids

How to get back flexible plastics

  • Put all your soft plastic items together in one bag, making sure that they are clean and that the bag is empty.
  • Take out cash register receipts.
  • Tie well for pick-up.

What to rinse and why?

Rinse soiled containers to prevent mould and unpleasant odours. It’s a question of cleanliness and hygiene. Some operations at the sorting centre of Sherbrooke are done manually. Everyone’s entitled to a healthy work environment.



Metal / Aluminum

Paint, solvent or pesticide containers, spray cans, etc., batteries, hangers, wires and staples, metal parts that weigh more than 2 kg or are longer than 60 cm


Drinking glasses, windows and mirrors, incandescent and fluorescent light, bulbs, porcelain and ceramics, pyrex and broken and unbroken dishes

Soft plastic

Plastic for haystacks, Soiled plastic film, Cereal or cracker bags (waxed), Chip bags (greasy), Stretch wrap (from pâté, meat, cheese, etc.), Pool covers, awnings, etc.

Hard plastic

All containers or pieces of Styrofoam, Paint, motor oil or other similar containers, Tooth paste tubes and pumps, rubber items (hoses – boots), toys, tools, etc. made from mixed materials, nylon cords, clothes lines, haystack cords, etc. All biomedical products (syringes, needles, tubing, etc.)


  • Soiled or greasy paper or cardboard, paper towels, wax paper, stickers, wallpaper, photographic paper, potato bags, padded envelopes, composite products, (binders, etc.), diaper