Contaminated water

Contamination of drinking water:

  • If your water comes from a well, have it analyzed annually
  • When in doubt about the quality, the smell or color, boiled 5 minutes

High winds

Prepare for high winds:

  • Pick up dead branches regularly
  • Check the drain for the flow of rainwater
  • Discount or attach garden furniture, BBQ, rubbish bins or carport

When winds:

  • Stay away from doors and windows
  • Avoid taking the elevator
  • Evacuate your mobile home because it could be carried by winds
  • Watch out for debris
  • Pay attention to the quality of drinking water


During an earthquake:

  • Stay in the building
  • Stay away from windows, mirrors, bookcases and fireplaces
  • Seek shelter under sturdy furniture or a doorway
  • If you are outside, move away from structures that may collapse
  • By car, park in an open area and stay inside

Forest fire

Protection - forest fire:

  • Respect municipal bylaws to start open fire
  • Clean the area around the house, as that can burn
  • Grill the chimney and fire place
  • If there is no water, take a supply of water in tanks
  • Establish an evacuation plan
  • Check with the Fire Authority the local procedure
  • Make arrangement with your neighbors for assistance in an emergency


Power failure

In case of power failure:

  • Flashlight, radio, candles, fondue burner and lighter
  • If you have a wood stove, stock up on fuel
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector

During the breakdown:


In case of flood warning:

  • Store in height or mount objects in the basement or ground floor.
  • Block the sewer pipes in the basement
  • Turn off the gas and electricity.
  • Follow the developments on radio, television or Internet.

During the flood:

  • Leave your home if the water level is too high
  • Take your emergency kit and extra clothing
  • If you use a vehicle, drive carefully
  • Notify the municipal authorities of where to reach you.

After the water has receded:


Fire prevention:

  • A smoke alarm can save your life
  • Check proper operation once a month and replace the battery
  • Install a portable fire extinguisher, type ABC in the kitchen.
  • Use a thermostatically controlled fryer
  • Put the smokers out of the reach of children
  • Never smoke in bed!
  • Store flammable liquids away from heat sources
  • Fuel Tanks and propane must be stored outside

In case of fire:

Prepare your security plan

Provide solutions to all types of accidents which may affect you

Prepare a family emergency plan:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Inform your relatives of your specific health needs
  • Evacuation scenarios: How to cut off water, gas, electricity etc..
  • Meeting place on the street, out of district
  • Home Insurance

Prepare your emergency kit:

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